Bonuses, premiums and gifts - attractive offers for new customers

Bonuses, premiums and gifts – attractive offers for new customers

Since the liberalization of the energy market there has been an immense variety of providers. The consumer is free to choose and can change his supplier on a regular basis – not least in order to always benefit from the best conditions. In order to win new customers and keep existing ones, the providers come up with a lot: It is not uncommon for them to lure potential candidates with gifts, bonuses, new customers or instant bonuses. Much more informations about gifts for the energy change you can find on

The new customer bonus

The new customer bonus is exactly what the name suggests: a bonus for a new customer. The amount of the sum can vary from provider to provider. Sometimes it is a fixed amount and sometimes it is based on the annual costs as a percentage. The new customer bonus is only paid out after the end of the initial contract period, which is usually 12 months, or offset against the first end-of-year statement. Even if a consumer cancels at the end of the initial contract period, he is entitled to the new customer bonus.

The instant bonus

As the name suggests, the instant bonus is a cost saving that the new customer receives immediately after signing the contract. Depending on the tariff and consumption, the bonus can be up to 250 euros. As a rule, it is paid out 4 to 12 weeks after the start of delivery. However, if consumers opt for a tariff in which they can enjoy a Stromanbieter mit Geschenk, they should note that this is only available in the first year. So it gets more expensive in the second year of the contract.

The switch bonus

Bonuses and gifts as bait are also no longer uncommon and will often be encountered by a consumer who is looking for a new electricity and gas supplier. Often these are cell phones, tablets, Amazon vouchers, household products and game consoles that new customers receive as a thank you for signing a contract. The “gift” is then paid off by adding a surcharge to the monthly installment for the entire minimum contract period. Some rewards are only available for a special period of time as part of a special campaign. Then it is a question of: don’t wait too long and access it quickly.

Tips to avoid cost traps

Where the competition is fierce, there are also black sheep. Before signing a contract, you should therefore always read the small print – especially if bonuses and rewards are promised. After all, in the end, the consumer only enjoys welcome gifts of this kind if he actually saves something and if he does not have to commit himself to the supplier for an extraordinarily long time.

Consumers who do not feel like dealing with conditions and contract content should opt for a reputable provider. The risk of going bankrupt or luring you with false offers is lower with an established supplier.

Discipline pays off: Those who think of canceling their gas tariff on time at the end of the contract period and switching again will benefit most from the instant or new customer bonus. In the second year of the contract there are no more bonuses and it is not uncommon for the tariffs to increase.

Immediately after signing the contract, note down the notice period and set a reminder so that it is not missed. It is best for the consumer to compare the current offers of the providers at least one month before the deadline and switch again to another supplier or to a cheaper tariff.

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