Best Tips to Boost Your Instagram SEO this New Year

By bidding 2020 goodbye and ushering in the New Year, we are all set to forget the bad and embrace all good and pleasant in 2021. The same rule holds when it comes to your Instagram SEO. The best way to take your Instagram optimization to the next level is by increasing your follower count on this photo-sharing social app. The more audiences you connect to, the more is the possibility of generating traffic, likes, comments, and sales for your business website.

You can increase followers only when your business is discoverable on Instagram. It is the tricky part of IG optimization because it is not the same as your website SEO.

According to an article published on, there are several tactics to boost your IG following without spending on your marketing dollars. These include using genuine Instagram photos, sharing quality content consistently, interacting with your existing followers, and using relevant IG hashtags to mention a few. In this article, you will learn about some of the best tips to improve your Instagram SEO in 2021.

Write optimized captions for your posts

When you usually like travel-related posts, for example, the Explore page on IG will show up content that is in line with the content you are interested to view. This is where Instagram captions come into play.

The Explore page makes use of the account-embedded structure that helps in recognizing IG profiles that are the same when it comes to topics or subjects. The IG framework understands what any word denotes depending on the perspective. The social media app also recognizes profiles related to each other depending on the search terms or keywords used in the names, bios, captions, and usernames.

That isprecisely why composing expressive captions with related search terms would enhance your possibilities of display in the Explore page of related IG users. Instagram would use the KWs in the IG post captions to figure out which subjects of interest are in line with your IGprofile. You can use descriptive captions for images but make sure that the meaning of the visual is not lost. It happens when you write a very lengthy caption and beat about the bush without getting to the point right away.

Monitor and improve Instagram SEO

Just as how you evaluate the effectiveness of your usual SEO efforts, you must gauge how your IG SEO hard work is reaping the benefits. To be ahead of the Instagram SEO game, perform an SEO audit on your IGprofileperiodically without fail. Make certain thathave the right questions to ask. It will help you buy 50 real Instagram followers.

Are the website changes required in the first place? Did the changes made,resulted inany difference in the rankings? How do expect to make a greater impact on optimization? You will get answers to these questions when you start monitoring IG performance or efficiency.

You can use Instagram analytics to get useful insights related to the photos and videos you shared on the platform. You will also get a detailed breakup of the reach and impressions. You will also figure out how you managed to pique audience interest, be it your content, account, hashtags, and things like that.

Try to make out the difference between impressions and reach so that you have a better understanding of how the two aspects play a pivotal role in your Instagram performance as a whole. Additionally, integrated analytics will ensure that you invest in an all-encompassing Instagram analytics tool.

Use analytics tools for competitive evaluation and insights on your followers besides understanding IG performance. Most essentially, analytics will help with tips and suggestions to boost your engagement levels on Instagram, be it the ideal time to share content to the kind of content length.

Avoid black hat SEO

Many marketers struggle hard to attain enhanced visibility on Instagram but fail repeatedly. That is why a couple of them resort to shortcuts and even illegal SEO practices called black hat SEO. The dishonest tactics or shortcuts may give you short-term success but penalize your Instagram profile. You will not benefit from genuine online visibility with black hat SEO, which could damage your social media performance in the future.

Black hat SEO is outdated and if you adhere to such unethical practices, you will end up damaging your Instagram SEO. Stick to organic and paid SEO to get results.


To be candid, Instagram keeps onpenalizing profiles or accounts that frequentl yusedoubtfulways to increase online visibility on the photo-sharing platform. The black hat techniquesare using bots to createcounterfeit likes and bogus following. Therefore, work hard to develop authentic visibility online. It may take some time but will give you better results. Resorting to deceptive tactics will not help you improve your online visibility on Instagram. Take some time out of your busy schedule and learn the Instagram SEO game. You will benefit.

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