Best Tips and Tricks to Make Your Travel Instagram Photos Look Stunning for Maximum Attention

When you have a travel business, the best way to attract maximum attention is by posting stunning photos of beaches, mountains, deserts, oases, lakes, volcanoes, national parks, waterfalls, and more. It is not about bragging that your content looks great, but it means that you have learned how to take photos like a pro. As far as Instagram visuals are concerned, it is an art oftakingawesome photos,thus making people stop scrolling and stop to see your travel photos or videos. 

On Instagram, you need to share stunning content that attracts maximum eyeballs and compelling to make your followers take some action after viewing the images or videos. 

According to an article published on, there are many ways to make your Instagram profile impressive. These include sharing content at least three times a day, having an understanding of how the IG algorithm works, writing image captions carefully, and things like that. 

You need to perceive every image just like a storyboard process. Think of an idea and determine how you can make the Instagram photos come to life, thus ensuring maximum attraction. Here is how: 

Think about how you want to make your photos look

A few times, you may something interesting in a travel destination. Just click a picture and share the same on Instagram. Then, you can make that photo look stunning if you have some idea of photography and know what you want the visual to look like. Try different angles, strategies, lighting effects to figure out what works best for that image. 

For instance, you may take a stunning sunset photo on the beach and create an effect as if you are holding the setting sun in your palm. Then, you need to learn photography skills to create such an awesome effect. You need to have a good understanding of angles for clicking such cool photos. 

Did you know some of the outstanding photos result from unplanned captures? Then, you need to have the basic idea of photography to make your Instagram visuals look appealing and with great aesthetic value. 

Make your travel photos look one-off

Make your travel photos look one-off, inimitable. You need not be present in all the pictures you click. You can appear in the visuals, maybe just the back of your head or the sunhat you are wearing, but your key focus should be the beach or mountain top you want to make the subject of the photo. 

You can become the secondary subject, but the crashing waves, sunset, or snow-capped mountain should be your primary subject of an Instagram travel image. Try to make your photos as unique as possible as you see in travel magazines or on Google. 

You can include yourself in the image or anything that corresponds to you in a travel Instagram photo together with the scenery or travel destination you want to highlight on your IG feed. An angle, subject, or theme can make your photos look outstanding and make them stand out from the rest. You need to take some time out of your busy schedule and experiment with modes, angles, filters, scenes, and photography methods. This way, you can buy Instagram views for your travel photos and videos. 

Use proper photography device or equipment 

You need not use a DSLR always to click Instagram photos. Even your smartphone or iPhone images and videos will look awesome provided you know the basics of photography. If you can afford a DSLR, there is nothing like it, but you need to learn how this equipment works to make your travel photos grab user attention. 

Then, if your travel business is focused on landscapes and nature photography, you may invest in a DSLR camera. However, for Instagram photos, even smartphone clicks look awesome and have a wow factor to delight your audience. 

When you are using your phone camera, make sure that you have the best smartphone that has outstanding camera features. There is no place for mediocre or blurry visuals when it comes to Instagram. You can use GoPro if you want to click bright, clear photos together with exciting features like slow motion, timer, panoramic option, and things like that. 

When it comes to a DSLR camera, choose the model that has the best features, easy to use, and within your budget. There is no point in investing in an exorbitantly priced camera with complex features you do not understand. You will like to use the zoom option if you are taking wildlife photos from a distance. A DSLR with a good zoom feature will help you take outstanding shots. 

Avoid feeling shy and be bold 

You may feel shy or embarrassed to use a selfie stick for taking shots of you doing something crazy like suspending your legs from a cliff for getting the best shot. Do not hesitate to take such shots because they look great when you use a selfie stick. Your visuals will turn out cool and spectacular. 

If you feel you want to do something that will raise eyebrows but the picture will look stunning on your travel Instagram feed, do not feel shy or care about people. If something is worth the shot, just go for it. 

For example, you can pose in a bikini in front of a cascading waterfall and take that splendid shot using a selfie stick. Just do it. 

Use filters without hesitation 

You may look stunning in beachwear sunbathing under the sky, but your photo looks drab on Instagram. That is because it is not easy to capture real life on the camera all the time. That is why you need to use Instagram filters. Use the filter that makes your dull photo look jaw-dropping and then adjust the brightness, structure, sharpness, and contrast. 

You need to experiment with different filters to figure out which one makes your photos look bright and awesome. Then, avoid overusing filters, as that may make your Instagram images look bad. 


Use the best-quality travel photos on Instagram for maximum engagement and attention. Also, focus on the comments people make on your IG travel images and videos. Engage with your audience and reply to their comments. 

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