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Surrogate motherhood is indeed a difficult process that requires serious preparation. When faced with the issue of surrogate motherhood for the first time, future parents are at a loss. Many questions arise — “Where to find a surrogate mother?”, “How to organize the process correctly?”, “How much does surrogacy cost?”, “Is it legal?” etc.

An independent search for a surrogate mother and the further implementation of the program hides great complexity. If you have the time, energy, and desire, you can organize a gestational surrogacy program on your own. To do this, you need to consider many nuances and subtleties. However, many parents prefer to entrust this process to professionals by contacting the World Center of Baby best surrogacy agency, and there are many reasons for this.

If you decide to apply to a surrogacy agency, first of all, pay attention to the experience of the company. It is an important criterion to conduct the program as efficiently as possible. It is important to have perfect knowledge and experience applying all the nuances in practice and skills to act in emergencies. Such a base can be developed only over years of work.

A good agency will quickly select a surrogate mother for you, independently organize the entire process, including the medical part, and take risks for the actions of a surrogate mother. It will also protect you from the possibility of blackmail and loss of financial resources and act as a kind of airbag between you and the surrogate mother. The company also undertakes communication with a pregnant women. Both parents and a surrogate mother are accompanied by an experienced curator who is in touch around the clock and is always ready to provide the necessary assistance. The World Center of Baby agency will also take care of legal issues by preparing all the documents required to obtain a child’s birth certificate.

Choose the Top Surrogacy Agency

By contacting the best surrogacy clinic for surrogate motherhood, a gay/lesbian couple or a couple that can’t have children because of health problems will be helped and provided with the following range of services:

  • Selection of candidates for the role of a surrogate mother from the World Center of Baby database and all information regarding her health, reputation, financial well-being, and personal data.
  • Providing information about the result of a complete medical examination.
  • The clinic also provides psychological, legal, and moral support.
  • Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

Is it expensive? Well, in pursuit of cost reduction, parents themselves are looking for surrogate mothers. But the chances of getting caught by scammers are high. Therefore, it is best to apply for such a service at a surrogacy center. Surrogacy is a multi-stage process. It is worth finding out everything included in the surrogacy program, assessing the quality of the surrogacy services provided, which medical institutions the agency works with, and what is included in each stage.

You shouldn’t rejoice if the agency offers a significantly lower price than that set on the surrogate services market in a particular region for the same set of services. In payment, so-called “pitfalls” may appear. Therefore, the World Center of Baby prescribes all the costs in the contract, corresponding to the law.

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