Best Soul Farming Locations in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is well-known for being a punishingly difficult game. You may come across an area that is particularly challenging to manage and require a strategy to get an advantage. This is when soul farming enters the picture. Farming for souls is a terrific way to earn the souls you need to level up and gain that competitive advantage, especially at higher levels when levelling up costs a lot of souls. Furthermore, Dark Souls 3 ember Farming is also quite essential. This guide will break down some of the finest and worst spots to harvest for souls in the game.

Above and Beyond The Grand Archives

The top of the Grand Archives is home to three Ascended Winged Knights who offer over 30,000 souls apiece, meaning that with the correct equipment, you’ll be earning around 100,000 souls every run. You may either take the elevator up from the Archives or walk straight across from the Twin Princes boss chamber to get to this roof. In addition to the number of souls gained every run, each run is brief, so you’ll be raking them in quickly.

The National Archives

The Grand Archives is a huge, multi-level area full with foes who reward you with a lot of souls when you beat them, making it an excellent spot to do soul farming. Farming in the Grand Archives is the slowest, but it is also the most effective.

Bonfire at Lothric Castle

While you may earn a lot of souls by exploring all of Lothric Castle, staying around the Lothric Castle bonfire, which is the first bonfire in the region, is a smart choice if you want to harvest souls.

To use this approach, simply kill the knight close to the campfire, then rest and repeat. That is all there is to it. It’s a shockingly successful soul harvesting approach that might net hundreds of thousands of souls in just 30 minutes.

The Encircled City

Four Ringed Knights may be farmed for roughly 15,ooo souls apiece from the Ringed City Streets bonfire, and considerably more if equipped with items that improve soul output. This way will swiftly rack up souls, but it is one of the more hardest offarming methods due to the Ringed Knights’ toughness.

Archdragon Peak

Archdragon Peak is a terrific spot to quickly rack up a large number of souls, but there is a criterion that must be accomplished before employing this farming method. The first room you enter after leaving the Dragonkin Mausoleum Bonfire has Serpent-Sorcerer. To prevent the sorcerer from summoning Havel the Rock, it is recommended that you kill him before utilising this method.

Inside The Profaned Capital

Before returning, you may regularly reset them at the campfire within Yhorm the Giant’s boss area, and rapidly harvest numerous foes in the little temple. Going along the corridor to the remainder of the temple may be tiresome, but it’s a great method to get souls early on in the game.

Kiln of the First Flame

The area where dark souls 3 comes to a close is also one of the best areas to stick around and farm yourselves some souls. Putting a summon sign outside the Soul of Cinder bossfight is a great way to get yourselves some extra souls. Being the final boss of Dark Souls 3, this is one boss where you are bound to get yourself summoned quite a bit and it is also the boss that rewards the most souls in Dark Souls 3. This means that placing your summon right outside the Soul of cinder boss area and resting for a few seconds means guaranteed souls.

Anor Londo

To be more specific, the entrance to Anor Londo castle gates. From the bonfire at the top of the elevator, move your ebay up to the castle gates. You will encounter knights upon your way, but being a good enough player and eradicating these knights will mean a ton of souls and other dropped items. Each run will guarantee thousands of souls alongside a lot of weapon upgrade material. All of this makes this area one of the best farming areas in Dark Souls 3.

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