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Best Driving Lessons In Birmingham Starting From £36

Many people have dreamed about sitting in a car for a long time. When you’re old enough, you can go to school and become a driver. Driving schools can help students in learning and fulfilling a legal requirement before they can apply for a driving license along with other advantages. Driving lessons can help you to be comfortable and confident on the road. If you are looking for the best driving lessons in Birmingham then you can enroll in 10 and 2 Driving School with fully qualified high-grade driving instructors who can assure that you pass the driving test the first time. 

Why 10 and 2 Driving School?

There are certain things that students and their parents need to consider before they enroll in a driving school. The most common things to look for include checking the quality of education, qualifications of driving instructors, location of the school, timings of the classes, and cost of driving lessons. At 10 and 2 Driving School Birmingham, you can avail all the privileges mentioned above to enhance your learning process. Here is a short description of why we are among the best to provide driving lessons in Birmingham.

Driving for the first time:

Your driving teacher will closely monitor your first session on an obstacle course. You must drive between the lines and dodge the cones. It helps you get to know your surroundings. It will improve your special orientation by giving you a sense of the vehicle’s size. 

Then you can enter the roadways. You will put in circumstances that often occur in real life. Turning and crossing roadways will become second nature to you. Driving is essential when you need to get somewhere, and it helps greatly if you know what you’re doing. Stay focused on the road and the wheel at all times. Things might happen at any time, so staying focused is essential.

Affordable pricing: 

You’ll have to pay £36 for a refresher driving class that lasts one hour. Instructors give outstanding teaching, which results in the most excellent pass rates. All of our driving lessons in Birmingham are available at affordable cost.

A wide selection of courses:

People who go to this school can choose from various classes that fit their needs. Some of the best courses are weekly driving lessons, intensive driving courses, motorway lessons, refresher lessons, theory tests, and practical driving lessons.

Qualified Trainers:

Get your driving lessons from licensed male and female driving instructors. They are all ADI-certified instructors with years of expertise. If you have a good time, teachers are always there to assist you.

Well-maintained cars:

The 10 and 2 Driving School uses sophisticated dual-control vehicles. The vehicles are regularly serviced. Cars for students are well maintained. Students can choose between manual and automated cars during their driving lessons in Birmingham with 10 and 2 Driving School.

Flexible timings:

Most of the students get stuck when it comes to managing the driving lessons along with other activities. Most of the driving schools offer driving lessons at specific times leaving no choice for the students as it is almost impossible for students to take driving lessons in the morning or in the afternoon. But this is not the case with 10 and 2 Driving School, because It is up to students to choose when they want to take the lessons. Instructors can be very flexible about teaching on the weekends or at night.

Our network:

Or driving school has a wide network of locations in Birmingham along with Armley, Beeston, Belle Isle, Chapel Allerton, Churwell, Crossgates, Cross Green, Drighlington, Farnley, Glidersome, Harehills, Headingley, Holbeck, Hunslet, Hyde Park, Kirkstall, Manwood, Middleton, and Rothwell. If you have any questions or queries, you can reach out to 10 and 2 Driving School by calling 07340 679 825 or visiting us at Kellett Road Birmingham B7 4NQ to book your driving lessons in Birmingham.

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