Bento box in thailand

ข้าวกล่องในไทย Bento box in Thailand

A traditional bento box in Thailand is similar to the western-style takeaway. They are a type of food container that has a cover for a large plate. The name “bento” is based on the type of rice paper that is used in its construction – rice paper. In Japan, a bento is also called a kaishi (bamboo roll), while in the Far East, it is called hanko (or hand roll).

A traditional Japanese meal usually consists of rice, meat, vegetables, and soup. In fact, a Japanese meal is best served without any side dishes at all! Bento boxes in Thailand are very popular in areas of central Bangkok that have a lot of food outlets. As you can imagine, there are a lot of customers in these areas, which explains the massive size of some of the bento boxes in central Bangkok.

A typical bento box has several main components. The main component is the pre-cut noodles, also known as “inkaki” in Japan. Noodles are cooked in a special soy sauce called sake and served with accompanying rice. A serving of rice and noodles is usually served with a side dish like vegetables, or a sauce of your own choice. Sometimes rice and noodles are served together.

Another component of a traditional Japanese meal is an assortment of assorted Japanese sweets, most of which are flavored wheat flour products. Typical Japanese foods that go into lunches include miso soup, pickles, and assorted Japanese sweets. Soy beans are also commonly used in meals. One of the favorite sweets among Japanese people is mochi, a sweetened rice cake. You can find mochi cookies, cupcakes, and other mochi-related foods at many fast food restaurants in Bangkok.

Besides the typical ingredients, most Japanese foods come in two varieties: raw and cooked. Raw foods are usually spiced and cooked, and include vegetables such as onions and carrots, fish, meat, mushrooms, and so on. A Japanese bento box will usually include some cooked side dishes as well. Common cooked side dishes include chicken, beef, and vegetables such as cucumbers. Japanese also love to have seafood and seaweed. Japanese food is known to be rich in calcium, iron, and vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Today you can find bento boxes all over the country. In Bangkok, you can find many of them right outside your hotel, near the night clubs. The prices for such packages vary, depending on the time of year and the number of guests that will be accommodated. So, if you want a delicious lunch or dinner, you should really consider getting one of these Bento Boxes today, because they are one of the best meals and snacks in the world.

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