Web Design Thinking In Creating A Successful Brand

Benefits Of Web Design Thinking In Creating A Successful Brand

Design thinking has been around for a while and for many people, it’s been the primary way to design their websites and digital products. It focuses on the user and understanding their needs while shaping your website experience. However, design thinking can also be used when thinking about your overall brand and strategy – and here’s why you should consider that approach.

It relies on emotions more than data

Quantifying everything about your brand is a nice, scientific way of running a business. You know how many visitors you get, what your conversion rate is, and how much revenue is there at the end of the day. But as you probably know, raw data on its own doesn’t tell a very good story.

Instead, design thinking focuses on emotions. It focuses on the way the customers perceive your brand and empathizes with them. Design thinking makes you look at your product and offering from your customers’ perspective, forcing you to think beyond numbers when making strategic decisions. Once you’re in the same mindset as your customers are, you can have a clearer vision of how to finalize and market your product.

It minimizes risks

Perhaps the biggest benefit to envisioning how a user interacts with your product and brand is thinking about all the possible scenarios that may happen. Once you start prototyping your product, brainstorming the different ways to present yourself as a brand, and thinking about the different reactions that you may get from your target audience, you’ll also come up with the different ways in which your customers could react to your brand. In the long run, you’ll effectively minimize risk because you’ll know all the possible (negative) outcomes that can happen once you launch or update your brand design.

Especially if you’re just launching, there is a huge risk involved at the very beginning. Before plunging into the market, design thinking allows you to capture different scenarios and reactions and launch risk-free.

It focuses on the solution rather than the hard sale

At the very core of each brand is the desire to make a profit, and that’s perfectly fine. However, it shouldn’t be your primary goal because it will force you to take shortcuts and make decisions that benefit you instead of the end-user.

Design thinking puts the user/customer in the very center and finds different ways to solve their problem. The solution is at the core of your brand and instead of finding ways to maximize profit, design thinking pushes you to create a better solution. Through continuous testing, you are guided to the best solution possible. In the end, this leads to a better brand and more profit.

Wrapping up

Design thinking is much more than a fancy buzzword used by today’s startups. It’s a radical way of thinking that puts the focus of your brand on your customers. This not only ensures a better, more likable brand, but also ensures that you’re creating a high-quality product that will endure the test of time.

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Petra Odak is a Chief Marketing Officer at Better Proposals.

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