Balcony Solar Panels: Colored Rigid Solar Panels For 2023

If you don’t have a roof to install solar panels (such as renters and flat owners), consider using a balcony solar panels to power your home and save on your energy bills. 

People can install solar panels on window sills and balconies, and to some extent also reduce the budget for installing solar panels.

Sungold's balcony modules for you

3 Things to consider

You need to know the size of your balcony.

The size of the balcony determines the size and number of panels. The larger the wattage, the larger the size of the panels. Most importantly, the approximate amount of sunlight your balcony will get.

Get to know the local policy. 

In some areas, governments that encourage people to install solar panels (which may have a wattage limit) will give them subsidies. This further reduces the budget for installing solar panels.

Know the merchant’s products. 

You need to find out how long the product is guaranteed and how long it will last. Whether you need an installer to install the balcony solar panels or whether you can install them on your own. If you can do it yourself, how to install it. Whether the solar panel is equipped with a micro-inverter. 

You need to find out all these questions from the merchant.

What is a micro-inverter?

In simple terms, the function of an inverter is to convert direct current(DC) into alternating current(AC). Solar panels generate DCelectricity, while AC electricity is needed in everyday life. 

Micro-inverters are capable of maximum power point tracking (MPPT). This allows the overall output power to be maximised by optimising the output power of the individual modules. 

In addition, in combination with the WIFI and APP, it can also be used to monitorthe power generation and consumption of solar panels. 

The cable at one end of the micro-inverter is used to connect the solar panel and the cable at the other end has a plug that can be plugged directly into a socket on the balcony and connected to the grid.


Disadvantages Of Balcony Solar Panels

Weather is unavoidable, if it is cloudy the solar panels will produce 20-30% less electricity.

Even in sunny weather conditions, there will be essentially no 100W solar panel producing a true 100 watt output.

The power output of solar panels will be reduced because of a number of practical factors. For example, the tilt angle of the panel. With the sun constantly moving across the sky, the optimum tilt angle lasts no more than 1-2 hours per day. 

If there is dirt and dust on the panels, this can also lead to a reduction in the efficiency of the panels. So always clean and maintain your solar panels.

The amount of electricity a person can get from a balcony depends on their location and the amount of sunlight the balcony receives.

Introduction To Balcony Solar Panels

SUNGOLD introduces the 335W coloured glass solar panel for balcony solar systems. The surface material of this rigid solar panel is not ordinary glass, but coloured glass. 

For aesthetic reasons, SUNGOLD has designed solar panels in solid blue, solid green and grey tile patterns. 

They can also customise solar panels to suit your needs.SUNGOLD offers you micro-inverters and aluminium brackets to make installation and use easier and more convenient.


The solar panels useshingled technology, which optimises the module structure and enables zero cell spacing. This allows for 5% more cells to be placed in the same module area than other types of modules, effectively increasing the module’s light receiving area. 

At the same time, shingled solar panels are more resistant to hot spots and less affected by shading. For locations such as balconies, shading from trees and house spacing is more likely. This is why shingled-cells modules are very suitable for balcony solar systems.

Bottom Line

If you want to save money on your energy bills, balcony solar panels can do the trick. But it is unlikely that you will get the same amount of power as a rooftop solar system. It can just power your basic energy needs and ease the pressure on your bills.

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