Assertiveness: Necessity of Student Life

Assertiveness: Necessity of Student Life

Assertiveness is an integral part of social and communication skills. Assertiveness means to stand for our own and other’s rights without harming other people’s feelings in such a calm and polite way which can make it clear that you are neither aggressive nor accepting the wrong thing. People who are assertive have an awesome ability of representing their points in front of people without upsetting or hurting their feelings. Due to lack of self-confidence many people like students and adults act in aggressive and passive ways from time to time. Here we will see how one can handle the situation with the help of assertive behaviour. 

First of all, we need to understand the concept of assertiveness which means to stand for our rights by expressing our thoughts, feelings and beliefs in very honest ways and in clear words but by keeping this in mind that we don’t have to hurt anybody’s feelings and emotions. Assertiveness is a very rare skill under which one can express his feelings, wishes and thoughts very clearly. Assertive people are respected everywhere because they neve hurt anybody’s feelings and they keep this their behaviour on top priority. Assertive people keep this in concern while interacting with all people in the society whether they interact with colleagues, peers, kids or family members, they never forget this at all. LMS Advantages takes care that students should learn by being assertive. To make this induced in the learning of students, the learning management system keeps inducing tools to make this sure like school management software. An enterprise resource planning makes sure that as an organization as school should include all such possible attributes in students’ learning process. Assertiveness evokes the ability in you to take action in your best interests and express honest feelings. Being assertive especially for students includes taking responsibilities of our own duties along with taking care of others too. Let’s see what are the key ingredients of being assertive:

  • To express the feelings, wishing and thoughts openly without any hesitation and boundaries and encourage the people around you to muster the courage to do so also so that they can also speak openly what they feel about anything and should not carry any burden on their heart.
  • Assertive people are very positive minded people and they carry deep calm in their mind so they give respect to other people’s thoughts also and they listen to other’s thoughts, feelings and their perception with a very calm mind so that they can also express themselves properly. This is an integral part of active listening. 
  • Assertive people are very much aware of their responsibilities and they accomplish them very carefully and leave no stone unturned to perform them.
  • Being assertive especially for students it is necessary that one should be grateful always and should be full of gratitude towards those who have done anything good to him or her. Respecting someone’s good work shows how assertive you are and by this behaviour you gain respect from others.
  • Being assertive means one should have courage to admit his or her faults and should accept it without hesitation and should make maximum efforts to make his or her mistakes right anyhow.  Just accepting the mistakes and faults is not enough, if he/she wants to become assertive he or she should not feel shame in apologizing, this cleanses the heart and conscience. Often ego comes in the way when people want to apologize for their mistakes but being assertive gives the chance to clear the mind and heart through this process. This often helps students to clear their minds to study properly.
  • By accepting the process of assertiveness, one attains self-control. Through self-control one can stay calm and think over the things properly and attain whatever he or she wants and this process proves to be very beneficial for students.
  • Assertiveness provides the mind of a person a sense of equality due to which one is able to treat everyone equally and never discriminate people on the basis of caste, creed and their status. 

It can be seen clearly that assertiveness alone brings many such good attributes along with itself in any person that such a person is treated and respected everywhere. Therefore, every student and adult should include assertiveness in his/her personality.

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