Are Headphones & Earbuds Really Bad for Your Ears?

There is a risk of hearing loss associated with both headphones and earbuds, but you can minimize this risk through your use.

This article discusses whether or not earbuds are harmful to your ears, and the way you can avoid them.

When you remove your earbuds, do you hear the ringing sound?

You might even wonder whether you are permanently damaged your ear. And it certainly doesn’t help when the ringing sounds persist longer than you’d like, making you wonder if you may have permanently damaged your ear. What’s the cause? Are it the earbuds?

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Here are the answers to your questions about earbuds. we’ll discuss if they’re safe, as well as what steps you can take to listen safely while wearing them.

Are Earbuds Bad for Your Ears?

It’s not really the earbud’s fault. They aren’t to blame for all kinds of safety concerns. The problem is how you use them.

The following safety concern can occur when your earbuds are used improperly:

Hearing loss

One primary cause of hearing loss is loud noise exposure, which can make either or both ears are partially or completely incapable of hearing.

Hair cells are the structures in the ears that transmit sound from the ears to the brain, and this typically occurs when these cells are damaged.

A hair cell’s ability to regenerate over time is normal. However, prolonged exposure to loud noises can permanently destroy a significant number of hair cells.

As a result, the relationship between earbuds and hearing loss is dependent on the volume and the duration of listening.

When you pull out your earbuds, you might hear ringing or other noises in addition to hearing loss. That might indicate something more serious like tinnitus if it persists for some time.

A condition called tinnitus occurs when the hairs inside your ears bend, break, or change drastically because of sudden pressure changes. These irregular signals may cause your nerves to send ringing, buzzing, or other discordant sound to your brain.

How to Use Headphones and Earbuds Without Damaging Your Ears

These are serious repercussions that can occur from using earbuds incorrectly. But, if you are careful, you will certainly be able to prevent these problems.

Simply follow these tips:

Choose noise-canceling headphones

You can reduce or cancel loud background noises with noise-cancelling headphones, which are available in passive and active noise Cancellation (ANC). For noise cancellation have two option: passive and active.

A passive noise-cancelling headphones block out ambient noise via its padding and seal. A noise-cancelling headphone uses advanced mechanisms to counteract ambient sound.

Because you won’t have to crank up the volume to hear your music above the noise when using ANC headphones, It is highly recommended if you are constantly in a noisy environment. Aside  from canceling ambient noise, ANC headphones will also reduce fatigue caused excessive volume.

Set the volume level to no more than the safe level

If you’re unable to measure this, however, it’s best to listen at 60% or less of your device’s maximum volume if you don’t wish to hurt your ears. Experts recommend earbuds be set to a safe volume.

Don’t ignore these warnings-they  indicated you’re over the 85db threshold when you turn up your volume. If you ignore these, your volume get too loud.

It is possible for headphones to reach up to136db when they are left uncontrolled. To prevent this, you may want to use volume-limiting headphones instead, which are usually fitted with resistance so that you won’t even exceed the safe volume limit while listening at its maximum.

Let your ears rest

Listening to a safe volume is not enough. According to the world health organization, you should listen to a volume of 85 db for no more than eight hours a day.For your ears safety, it is also recommended that you do not listen to sounds that exceed 85 db for longer than 15 minutes each day. For instance, sound above 100 db should be avoided for longer 15 minutes.

It is still possible to damage your ears using your earbuds too long, even when they are within 85db.

You can solve this problem by observing the 60-percent/60 minutes rule. This tells you at what volume level to use your earbuds each day. If the volume  at 60 percent, then you should use them forno more 60 minutes eah day.

When you listen with a volume that exceeds 60 percent, your listening time decrease, as well. So it is best to turn the volume down to less than 60 percent if you wish to listen for a longer time.

Never share your headphones

It’s impossible to tell how well the person with whom you share headphones maintains their hygiene. Or, you infect their ears with bacteria yourself!

You may share bacteria, yeast and other diseases-causing germs with earbuds if they have contaminated earwax. If you are using earbuds, the risks are doubled since they fit directly into your ear canal.

I’ve written a comprehensive guide on how to share headphones, including what you should do when sharing headphones cannot be avoided (Like in emergency situation).

Wear your headphones properly

Many people don’t know how to wear their headphones correctly the first time, Since there are so many types of headphones in a market. It is not surprising for people to struggle with wearing each type of headphone correctly.

Although they may look similar at first glance, earbuds should only reset on your outer ear. In Contract, in-ear monitors (IEMs) should rest, in the middle of your ear. In the meantime, IEMs are placed in the ear canal, if you alternate between wear methode, you may experience pain in the ears.

you can also get the right listening experience by using earbuds in the right way, in addition to greater comfort.


However, earbuds or headphones can be harmful to our ears if you use them improperly. If you observe these tips, however, then your ears will not be damaged.So you don’t have to worry about becoming injured by earbuds while you listen to your music .

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