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Android TV Apps and Games

Android TV became the most popular TV box passing all other competitors. It is because Android TV boxes has the capability to install all Android apps and games. However, it is not completely true. However, when you search all over the internet and you will find that you can install any Android app or game on your TV box. Then why it is partially true.

There are many reasons for that. Android apps and games are fully developed to work with touch screen. They perform better with touch. Android TVs are not designed for touch screens. They used to work with TV remote. Even some apps and games may install on your TV box, but it is hard to use them. However, many Android apps and games are optimized for bigger screens or TVs.

As you know it is hard to play games just using TV remote. If you encounter any game on Android that support game controllers, you can easily play that game on your TV box by connecting a game controller. Best and easiest way to play Android TV games are using a game controller. No need to buy expensive game controllers like X-BOX or PlayStation game controllers. Buy cheap controller from online. Those work perfectly fine on all TV boxes.

Android TV games

Many thinks you have to buy gaming TV box to play Android TV games. Nope. If you want performance and way nicer graphics you can go for Nvidia Shield TV or Nvidia Shield TV pro. Because those are specially designed for gaming. Those TV boxes have accessories for gaming too. If you don’t have money to buy those Nvidia Gaming TV boxes, don’t worry. I have Mi BOX S which is way cheaper than those gaming TV Boxes. I was able to play most of the Android TV game I love without any issues like Asphalt 8.

There are many awesome and entertaining light weight games. Open Google play store and go to gaming section. There you will be able to see whole list of awesome Android TV games.

There are many Android TV boxes without Google play store. There are not many options able for those TV boxes. However, you can use Filelinked, Aptoide TV or APKTime on those devices. Aptoide TV allows users to install Android TV apps and games with Android apps and games. If you want to install app that is available only for your phone on to TV box, you can use Aptoide TV. Filelinked has different approach. First you have to join Facebook group or follow YouTube channels related to filelinked codes. Because Filelinked require filelinked codes to access Filelinked stores. Not like AC Market and Aptoide.

Once you have good collection of filelinked codes, filelinked is the only app store you want for your all needs. Because it is a community driven TV apps and games store.

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