Advantages of Using Mobile App Prototypes

A mobile app prototype is simply a preliminary visual mock-up that appears to be an actual app but doesn’t contain actual working code. Usually, an app prototype consists of just sketches on white paper or as high fidelity as an electronic model which functions on your mobile device. The app prototype serves as a companion to the finished product and gives users a preview of what it will look like. They are instrumental in helping engineers verify user interface designs and functionality, so they should be tested thoroughly. Here are three reasons why you need to invest in app prototypes:

Development Budgets

The most obvious reason to use mobile app prototypes is that it allows you to make quick, low-cost, and effective prototypes. Often, large development budgets are needed to develop robust apps. With prototypes, however, you can have something up and running in a few days. Additionally, you get to avoid paying hefty development fees which can sometimes run into the thousands – making mobile app prototypes a cost-effective alternative. This also avoids you from needing to hire a team of highly-trained programmers and provides you with a way to test your ideas out before releasing them to the public. For more details, here you can apply now.

Mock App

Another advantage of using a mobile app prototype is that you can create a mock “app” and play with it on an iOS device, simulating the user experience of the final product. By testing it first, you can quickly see if your idea is intuitive or not. Likewise, you can check if the product behaves correctly in various scenarios. This helps reduce the risk of releasing something that doesn’t perform as you intend.

Understanding the Purpose of a Simulation

Even though an app prototype often has limited functionality, this doesn’t mean it’s useless. Many mobile app designers understand that the purpose of a simulation is to provide testers with a “what if” version of the final product. This way, you get to see if your functionality works and meets users’ needs. The obvious pros of this include fewer risks of crashing the app. However, there are also cons of limited functionality. Here are some of the pros and cons you might want to consider:


An app prototype allows you to quickly and easily change the content, layout, interface, and behavior of the app.As long as the app still meets the functionality needs of its current users, there is no need to redesign it from scratch. This is what we refer to as fluid UI or user-friendly UI. As long as the system meets the needs of the end-user, you don’t necessarily need to completely overhaul the app to improve it.

Reduced Costs

The cost of developing new features in apps is getting cheaper by the day. Although there are certain risks involved, especially when it comes to the complexity of some technologies, prototyping tools can help you cut down your development costs. Aside from that, new features added to the app prototype are much easier to implement compared to adding them to the final product.

Increased Productivity

Since mobile app development tools give you access to a fully functional prototype right from dayone, you can enjoy a significant productivity boost. You won’t have to spend months and years testing the functionality of your app. With a mobile app prototype, you can test all the user interface elements in just a few days, while simultaneously incorporating new functionality and enhancements to the database. As mentioned earlier, there are several pros and cons associated with mobile applications prototyping. All in all, it all boils down to the efficiency and quality of your product or services. If you want to go for this option, it would be wise to hire mobile application designers with proven track records in both the mobile applications and market sectors. Hiring such designers is more than worth the investment. Their expertise in both design and development can take your business to the next level. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your time and money on hiring professionals with no mobile apps to show.

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