Abby the Pup Preschool Printables and Worksheets

The global Covid-19 pandemic prevented many young children from going to school. They either had to learn remotely, or worse, not at all. It was a stressful time for teachers, parents and their children. Perhaps there are preschool materials available online on the internet for teachers and parents to help them educate their children during this crisis?

Searching the internet we found a lot of content for preschool children. But many of these websites either charged a fee, required users to register or login, or were full of advertisements. Understandably, they had to find a way to support the expense of creating the content and running the website. Also, many of these sites were somewhat difficult to navigate and use. They seemed to be designed to maximize views and clicks.

The desire to help educate young children and to improve upon the online experience were the primary drivers in creating the Abby the Pup website. Why not create a friendly and easy to use website for preschool children whose content was freely available in the public domain with no commercial interest? It would be a charitable project. Its sole purpose is to provide free, public domain, preschool materials for teachers and parents to help educate their children throughout the world. This is the reason why was founded.

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