A Guide to Replacing Windows in the Winter

If you live in a colder climate, winter is not the ideal time to have new windows put in. But sometimes windows break, or they just get too old to keep the cold air out, and you need replacements right away.

Fortunately, professional window installation companies in Woodbridge know how to quickly and efficiently remove the old windows and install the new ones. If you think you might need to replace a window in the coming weeks, here’s what you can expect from the process.

How Winter Window Replacement Works

There are two key differences in how professionals will handle window replacement in winter: preparation and process. Both are essential if you want to minimize how disruptive the experience is, so when you hire a company that specializes in windows you should be sure to ask how they intend to handle the installation. 

In most cases, professional installers will follow these four steps:

  1. Erecting a Plastic Barrier: Putting up floor-to-ceiling sheets of plastic around the work area helps ensure that cold air and dust don’t penetrate the main living space. 
  2. Closing the Door: To further reduce draughts, installers will keep doors between rooms closed to keep the warm air in.
  3. Laying Down Groundsheets: As with any installation, there will be some moving back and forth between the indoors and the outdoors to fetch tools and equipment. To protect floors from water, ice, and dirt, groundsheets should always be put down before work begins. 
  4. Replacing One Window at a Time: Instead of removing all the damaged windows at once, during a winter installation it makes more sense to do the windows one at a time to reduce airflow from the outdoors.

If you’re only replacing one or two windows, the job can usually be finished off in an afternoon. If a second day is required, the team should always finish installing the window they are working on before they wrap-up. In addition to being uncomfortable, leaving empty space in the wall overnight is a security risk. 

The Advantages of Winter Window Replacement 

The truth is that though replacing windows in winter takes a little more preparation, it also comes with certain benefits. For example, due to lower demand, it will likely be significantly easier to book a window replacement company, and you may be able to get a cheaper installation or save money on new energy efficient windows. 

Furthermore, modern windows tend to have much higher R-values and provide much better insulation (in some cases, they can insulate just as well as a wall), which means that you’ll start saving money on heating costs right away — and be able to enjoy a cozier, warmer living space in the months to come. 

Whether an accident has left one of your windows with a big hole in it or you’re tired of old windows that let the cold in, you shouldn’t wait until the weather gets warm to have them replaced. When you work with a professional window installation company, you can have new, energy-efficient windows installed over the course of an afternoon with minimal disruption to your living space.  

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