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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect School Ball Corsages and Boutonnieres

Your perfect dress and hairstyle will become more attractive with the use of corsages and boutonnieres. If you are getting prepared for a school ball date, wearing a corsage is a common ritual. On the other hand, men use to carry boutonnieres. While boutonnieres are single flowers, the corsage is a mini flower bouquet. The ritual of wearing them has an ancient Greek connection.

In ancient Greece, people wear corsages and boutonnieres to keep the evil spirits away. But, priorities have changed these days drastically. People hardly believe in evil spirits, though they wear corsage and boutonnieres to look attractive. If you are looking for corsages and boutonnieres near me, find a few tips below for choosing them precisely.

1. Roses Should Be the Flowers

You should use roses for corsages and boutonnieres, as a rose is the most vibrant flower. Roses are available in different colours. For example, you can find red and yellow roses for the corsage. Men often choose pink roses for boutonnieres.

Keep in mind that the colour of the flowers reflects your personality. Moreover, you need to pick the colours according to your dress. Besides roses, you can find corsages with other flowers. However, they do not look as passionate as the rose. Nevertheless, roses bring a vintage charm that will be missing with other flowers.

2. Wear Them Properly

You have a little to experiment with the corsages, as wearing them in the traditional method is the most suitable thing. Typically, women wear corsages on their wrists. Sometimes, ladies also pin the corsages to their hair. You can also attach the corsage to your purse or clutch. You can choose any of these three methods of carrying corsages.

On the other hand, wearing boutonnieres is not as complicated as wearing a corsage. A single flower should typically be placed on the left chest pocket of the coat or blazer. Instead of flowers, you can also find that many men carry a piece of flower bud, which equally looks classy.

3. Right Time to Gift Them to Partners

If you are a first-timer on a school ball night date, you may hesitate to give your corsage to your partner. Gifting it to the partner means you like him and want to continue the relationship. The ideal time for exchanging corsages and boutonnieres is the moment you have to end the date and return home.

However, there is no fixed rule regarding the time of exchanging the corsages and boutonnieres. You may feel like exchanging them during your school ball date when there is a passionate discussion. You have to decide the perfect moment for exchanging them on your date. Exchanging the corsages and boutonnieres is a gesture of showing love to each other.

4. Things to Avoid with Corsages and Boutonnieres

You should not do a few things while buying corsages and boutonnieres from the florist shop. In the following section, find a guide on avoiding the things with corsages and boutonnieres.

  • Matching Colours: It is not necessary to match colours of the flowers with your dress. You can choose colours, in contrast, to look beautiful. For example, men black suits can choose red boutonnieres. Similarly, girls with pink dresses can choose white corsages.
  • Pre-order: Corsages and boutonnieres are easily available at local florist shops. However, you must pre-order them to get a satisfactory design. You can customize them if you choose to pre-order them.

You need to find a professional florist nearby to know corsage prices near me. So, get ready for your school ball date with a customised corsage that perfectly complements your dress. 

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