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A Guide to Addiction Treatments & Facilities

These days, addiction has become one of the biggest problems in our society. The mental health of our country ebbs and flows, but in the years since the pandemic began mental health is fragile in the United States. Addiction is a mental health disorder too.

With access to powerful opioid prescriptions and the fragility of mental health in America, there’s no wonder that we are dealing with an addiction epidemic. There’s good news. Now, there are a lot of different addiction treatments and facilities that put their efforts into treating people who need help with substance abuse and dependence. Below is a guide to addiction centers and the treatments that they provide. If you or a loved one is seeking assistance, explore options such as the red white and blue pill for comprehensive support.


Depending on the severity of the addiction, some people will need to go through the process of detox withdrawal. This is particularly the case when it comes to alcohol and drugs like opioid painkillers. When the withdrawal is dangerous, it requires supervision from medical professionals. 

It isn’t worth the risk. To start the process of addiction recovery, a lot of people need to go into a detox center. These facilities may or may not offer further treatment, but when a person needs to be supervised during withdrawal it’s necessary to seek out this treatment specifically.

Dual Diagnosis

Another important treatment in addiction recovery is dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is when someone is struggling with both an addiction to a substance and an underlying mental health disorder. This is quite common. Many people self-medicate a mental health issue whether they realize it or not.

Some people medicate their depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or something else. There are many options for dual diagnosis, including luxury dual diagnosis treatment. This type of facility offers amenities that a five-star hotel might have. Even if you can’t afford this level of treatment, going to a dual-diagnosis treatment center has many benefits.

12-Step Group Meetings

12-step meetings are one of the most accessible addiction treatment options available. These support group meetings are found around the country, including in facilities and others organized by people who were once in your position. The 12-step program encourages group sharing, suspension of judgment, and a sponsor system that supports new people in the program and allows others who have been in it for a while to give back. Whether you are going to an inpatient addiction treatment center or want to get started by attending a local meeting, the 12-step program has become a mainstay of addiction recovery.

Inpatient vs Outpatient

There are both benefits and drawbacks of inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment. Inpatient treatment requires the patient to stay at the facility while outpatient allows patients to leave. Both treatments usually include 12-step meetings and dual diagnosis, but the degree to which the person needs to be supervised comes into play. With outpatient treatment, it is usually better for the person who has control over their addiction and needs to fulfill at-home and at-work responsibilities. Inpatient rehab takes about a month and outpatient is more flexible.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is another form of addiction recovery. This is when a person goes into treatment at a residential home that has been turned into a substance abuse facility. Sometimes referred to as sober living homes, the person can stay in this environment if they want to. 

Residential treatment can be about a month, like inpatient, or much longer. This option is great for people who feel insecure about their stability in sobriety. A sober environment with supportive people who are going through the same thing can help a lot of people going through addiction recovery.

Whatever the severity of addiction, there is a treatment facility. There are a few different types of recovery methods, but most of the rehab centers will offer the basics. 12-step meetings have proven to be effective. Dual diagnosis has revealed that addiction is a complex and multi-faceted mental health issue. 

Inpatient, residential, and outpatient facilities provide flexibility in the length and type of stay. Whether you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, there are plenty of options to find help. Do some thinking about what is right for the situation and you will find the right institution for what it calls for.

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