A Crypto-Based Start-Up “UseCryptNation” Aims to Reclaim Individual Privacy in The World Surveillance Capitalism

UseCrypt Nation is emerging as the first-ever social networking platform that is created on the principles of social capitalism to provide the crypto signals. The project presents a practical solution to matters like lack of personal and economic freedom, environmental degradation, and lack of transparency in the policies of large corporations like Google and Facebook.

[Location]—This century has seen a huge advancement in terms of globalization and digitalization. The Internet has made it easier for us to communicate, share knowledge, and socialize, but we are getting all these perks at the cost of our individual privacy. An article published by Dr. Yaccov Hecht highlights that we are no longer in control of our privacy and the information we share over the internet. Our messages are ‘encrypted, but all our personal data is in the hands of big corporations like Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The two biggest threats to the freedom of the modern world are lack of privacy and ubiquitous surveillance. While we are busy taking advantage of the benefits globalization and digitization have brought us, we have totally lost sight of our own privacy and the dangers that some big corporations bring to our table. It is hard to digest the fact, but large corporations are not working in our interest. They are busy accumulating profits generated by 99% of the society in the 1% of the richest. With large corporations ripping us off our privacy and leading the progressive degradation of the modern world, society desperately needs a solution that can finally outgrow surveillance capitalism. And UseCrypt Nation project has found this solution in the principle of social capitalism. This infant project is the world’s first-ever crypto-based trading and social networking platform that is implementing the principle of social capitalism to build a brand-new protective ecosystem.

UseCrypt Nation is created with an aim to restore individual and collective privacy that has been ripped off by major corporate organizations. This project has emerged as the first-ever effective solution to surveillance capitalism and provides a complete metaverse based on the principles of social capitalism. UseCrypt Nation takes a revolutionary step into the world where everyone has social, political, and economic freedom.

The project is solely based on the principles of social capitalism—a system based on positive values, where everyone is entitled to privacy and balanced growth. Basically, social capitalism is a polar opposite term for surveillance capital—a system where your private data is continually being used by corporate organizations to garner profit and manipulate your actions. In social capitalism, privacy becomes a fact, not a mere platitude.

UseCryptNation is tackling some of the biggest threats posed by the surveillance system. This project is one of a kind that will restore individual privacy along with political and economic freedom. The creators of the project aim to target untouched issues like lack of transparency in the policies of big companies, environmental degradation, price speculation associated with economic freedom, and lack of individual and collective privacy.

The project is termed by many as “revolutionary,” and has already caught the attention of the purpose-driven world. Dr. Hecht, the author of the article “How to save the Individual Privacy in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism?” commented that UseCrypt Nation is an effective solution that implements the principles of social capitalism and makes this system a reality. The creators of UseCryptNation launched this project as a ready-to-use product and did not limit their ideas to slogans.

UseCrypt Nation is a ready-to-use solution that includes a Token called SoCap. This token is based on the binance Smart Chain and is a non-inflationary crypto token that isn’t ruled or regulated by any government or central organization. Using this currency, you can make peer-to-peer transactions without losing control of your funds. Since its launch, the SoCap token is changing the way transactions are made. This brand-new method of trading involves no financial institution and poses no restrictions on the trading of goods and services. The platform is also enabling its users to make direct cross-border and domestic payments.

Creators of the project believe that the only thing that can make UseCrypt Nation a bigger, more widely used project is the way people approach the idea of social capitalism. For the project to prosper and see the bigger limelight, it’s important that people see its potential and join its ecosystem. UseCrypt Nation claims to be a project that can truly transform the way modern capitalism works.

The infant project, today, aims to create a new ecosystem, which includes a crypto-trading platform free of speculations and restrictions. The project is also offering online messenger apps, as a ready-to-use, fully secure solution to protect individual and collective privacy. UserstermUserCrypt Nation as “an effective tool to promote social capitalism.” 

A large group of customers and consumers are currently benefitting from the UseCrypt Nation project. According to the creators, this project is launched to promote solidarity and social responsibility. These two fundamental blocks will help create a necessary infrastructure that will develop the ever-growing awareness about this project.

There is a drastic need to promote the concepts of social capitalism and make tons of millions of customers and consumers aware of their own privacy rights. Preventing environmental pollution, touching sensitive issues like global warming, and protecting individual rights to privacy are the major inspirations for the creators of UseCrypt Nation.

Information about the SoCap token, trading methods, and other services are listed on the website of UseCrypt Nation. Individuals can visit the web page and review the full information and inspiration behind the creation of UseCrypt Nation.

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