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A Brief History of Game Modding

Video game modding has made the entire video gaming scene more creative and vibrant. Among many examples of how modding has improved video games, FiveM servers in GTA is a fine one.

At first glance, video game modding may look counterintuitive as you’re essentially taking trademark intellectual property from a developer and altering it to your liking. But certain developers enjoy the ingenuity that their games can promote through modding.

Let’s put things into perspective; to understand how big modding has become nowadays, let’s discuss where it all started.

Where It Started

A parody of the original Castle Wolfenstein on Apple 2 called the DescriptionOne appeared in 1980. The game was named Castle Smurfenstein, and the mod replaced enemies with Smurfs. After a decade, the classic fps game Doom is perhaps the most important title in the history of mods. 

Founders John Carmack and Tom Hall were aware that the fans of their old Wolfenstein 3D game had attempted to modify the game. In 1995 id Software pioneered their first attempt to commercialize user-friendly tools that enabled the gaming community to easily create their levels and mods. 

Half-Life 3 Confirmed?

One more seminal PC gaming developer blurred the lines between developers and players. Valve Softwarestarted hiring the best mod developers and talented individuals from the community to work on their titles.

In 1998, Valve released the popular Half-life game, which is now involved in memes. Its modded version Counter-Strike is, to this day, a global phenomenon and an Esports title many love and earn a living by.

Valve recognized counterstrike’s potential and acquired the rights to this modded game. Counterstrike is one major example of how individuals used their talent to grab the attention of developers and paved a route for employment. One might even wonder, can modders develop Half-life 3?

Where Modding Stands Today

In the end, Pc gamers will always benefit from custom-modded environments and innovative content in their favorite games. Most of all, the majority of the content is free to download and enjoy. Modding has opened new doors to careers in the gaming industry. Currently, video game mods are highly appreciated and have become the normal way of playing video games for most.

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