8 Ways Social Media Can Make Or Break Your Brand

8 Ways Social Media Can Make Or Break Your Brand

Social media is the most powerful tool for any business or organisation for their growth. It allows you to reach global consumers as compared to any offline connections. As per the survey, there are more than 2 billion and 1 billion monthly active users on Facebook and Instagram respectively. This alone gives you tremendous growth opportunity.

Though it gives you the goal of huge success, social media is equally powerful in destroying any kind of business. If social media can make your business, it can equally break it. To ensure that you succeed at the social media game for your branding, you need to focus on the steps of social media marketing.

How to confirm the growth of your business?

  1. Focus on content and time of posting it:

Curated content and scheduling can help your account look authentic. Instagram offers you to post limitless content but without posting your content timely; will do only good to your Instagram handle. Make sure that your content consists of updated information, unique, well researched and organised. Try using visuals for the marketing of your business. It is generally recommended to post specific content rather than including a variety of content this way you can target a specific audience. To get better reach for your curated content, you can buy Instagram followers and buy Instagram likes. They help to boost your reach and get featured in the explorer tab of many potential followers.

  1. Run Instagram Advertisements:

Running advertisements to expand any business is customary. But Instagram promises you to run ads at cheap prices. Instagram even gives you the mobile number and e-mails of the interested customers. This not only helps your business to get customer information but also helps in data analytics.

  1. Use multiple social media platforms:

Almost everybody in the 21st century is connected to one or the other social media. This significantly allows you to reach the global market. Using multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube will help you to reach a large market for your products and services. Being on multiple platforms you can provide products and services faster to your customers as the traffic will get diverged. 

  1. Stay connected:

You must remain connected with all your followers or customers. This will help you to build a relationship with them which will help your business to grow. Connections will help you to know about the demands and needs of your customers and thus aid in directing your business towards success. Using feeds, posts and stories give them prior notifications to ensure that they do not miss out on any of your business activity. 

What might lead to the destruction of your business?

  1. Reposting – No originality:

Reposting other’s feeds again and again and claiming their original creation, will do no good to your account. Every follower follows your account because he/she believes that your post will be adding some values to their life, if it fails to do so, people will not only follow you but will make sure that nobody follows your account. 

  1. Taking appreciation for granted:

When your audience appreciates your work by hitting the like button, saving or sharing, it is your responsibility to thank them every time you are interacting with your audience. Taking appreciation for granted, showing no respect for your audience, not replying to their comments, not coming live to answer their questions and not considering opinions and views will make you lose your followers. 

  1. Irregularity:

Posting aesthetic feed will do little or no good to your account if you are irregular with your Instagram handles. The Instagram algorithm works on the timeline that you follow and if you are not scheduling your content post timing not only users, but Instagram will also not support you. The thumb rule for success on any social media platform is the regulatory and discipline that you show towards your audience. 

  1. Humiliating your audience:

Your followers follow because they admire you and look forward to your content. During this process, if they are asking you any question over the comment section or in the direct feed you must guide them and not humiliate them for even the silliest question they are asking. If you do it will break your business.


Every business needs to exist on Social Media today. And taking social media for granted might compromise your business a lot. Create your social media strategy and focus on all the points mentioned above to ensure your success.

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