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7 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Women 

The holiday season is finally here, and many of us are making many lists. From grocery lists, packing lists if you spend the holidays out of town, and our naughty and nice lists. If you’ve got a few women on your nice list and are searching for a thoughtful present to show her how much she means to you, keep reading for the best and most thoughtful gifts she’ll love to receive this holiday season.

Best Friend Necklaces

Nostalgic clothing and jewelry trends are roaring back into fashion, one of which is the Best Friend necklace. Gifts to get your best friend can feel challenging, but not when you give her half of your heart with a best friend necklace. Have your half already one and tucked under your shirt when you give the gift, and after she opens her present, reveal yours – there won’t be a dry eye in the house!

Memory Quilts

While you have to get a head start on having this gift custom-made or made yourself if you possess the skill set, a memory quilt has the potential to become a treasured heirloom for the recipient. Personalized gifts are a treasure that everyone loves to get as a gift. You can use fabric from favorite clothing, printed photos, and anything else you know she treasures. Memory quilts can be as small as a throw or the size of their bed to give their room a meaningful update. They’ll love cozying up through the new year with this beautiful present.

Tailored Baskets

Tailoring a gift basket to her specific tastes and filling it with smaller items she’ll love and use is always a homerun of a present. For a foodie, a mix of fine wines, smoked meats, organic extra virgin olive oil, and a beautiful recipe book would be a wonderful basket. For the woman who needs to unwind, you could curate a basket with face masks, decadent lotions, a beautiful robe, and a silk eye mask. The sky’s the limit, but arranging a basket with a thoughtful note is the gift that keeps giving as she will use all the items.

Engraved Jewelry

Fine jewelry is a favorite gift to receive for most people. Let’s face it, jewelry is expensive and not something everyone is willing to splurge on for themselves. This year, stuff the stocking with a small box that can make a big impact. Whether you opt for a signet ring, a locket, or a new watch, take her jewelry to the next level by engraving it. You can engrave a small note depending on the size of the piece, the year to remind her of this holiday season in the future, or something as simple as her initials. Fine jewelry is always a meaningful present, but engraving is a special touch she’ll never forget.

Playlists or Mixtapes

Depending on her age, she may not remember what it was like exchanging mixtapes or CDs, but if she’s an older millennial or older, she will love the thoughtfulness of a personalized playlist. Incorporate songs that will remind her of your time together and songs that convey how special she is to you. This option is a great gift if you’re restricted by budget, and it can also be a great add-on to other presents you give her this year.

Glass Decanter

Does the woman you’re shopping for enjoy the finer things in life? Does she host people often? A beautiful glass decanter is a perfect gift for someone with sophisticated taste. Add a thoughtful touch to the gift by giving her a few bottles of different liquors she enjoys. You can also include a few notecards with recipes for drinks and come up with a signature drink named after her.

A Camera

With all things, Y2K being in trend, hop on board and give the gift of a new camera. She’ll be able to capture the holidays in style and have photos developed that she’ll treasure for a lifetime. Polaroid cameras allow everyone to snap photos to enjoy in an instant on Christmas morning too. Make sure you buy several rolls of film or packs of Polaroid film if you go this route because she likely doesn’t have film.

Holiday gift shopping for the women in your life doesn’t have to be a challenge this year if you use the above items as your guide. Show her how much she means by choosing one of these thoughtful gifts for her, Happy Holidays!

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