interesting facts about skillets and waffle makers

7 interesting facts about skillets and waffle makers

It goes without saying that skillet and waffle makers are the two essential appliances that help you make your cooking tasks quicker and hassle-free. What is captivating to know is that while almost everybody uses these appliances on a regular basis, not all are fully aware of all the functionalities and other features of these appliances.

Here, we have listed 7 interesting facts that will help you learn more about these two appliances. The insightful facts, in turn, will help you use the appliances in ways that will help you achieve optimum cooking results.

1. Electric skillets can help you prepare large meals

Gone are the days when the options for electric skillets were limited to just small and medium-sized models. Now, you can also get your hands on a large-sized electric skillet which offers an extended capacity to help you prepare large meals at one go.

Extended capacities aren’t just limited to standard die cast iron skillet but also available with cast iron electric skillets. If you have 7 to 10 family members in your home, you cannot go wrong with an electric skillet that offers an extended capacity. These types of electric skillets also come highly useful when preparing large meals during special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and family meet and greet.

2. Waffle makers are available for different waffle shapes

Like many people, if you are under the conception that waffle makers are only available for making just a couple of waffle shapes, you may need to rethink. This is because modern waffle makers are available for preparing various waffle shapes. You will not find yourself short of options for waffle makers that are available for round, triangle, and square waffle shapes.

Also, there are several waffle maker models that are designed to prepare multiple shapes of waffles. What’s more interesting to know is that you can also get your hands on waffle makers that are specially designed to mold the waffles into cartoon shapes.

3. Many modern electric skillets are available with cooking presets

Built-in cooking presets that help you adjust the right cooking settings on the fly aren’t just reserved for microwave ovens as they are available in several modern electric skillets as well. These types of electric skillets generally include several other functions apart from cooking, including grilling, and broiling.

Electric skillets that include several cooking pieces are also available with interchangeable cooking plates. The cooking plates are specifically designed for specific temperature ranges in order to help you achieve perfection in the meals that you prepare.

4. Waffle makers may cause your waffles to burn as they age

Many people face the issue of burning waffles when preparing them in an old waffle maker. This mostly has got to do with the thinning of the heating base of the waffle maker that has aged to a significant extent.

Many waffle makers tend to thin out at the heating base area as they age, more commonly with regular usage. To steer clear from this type of issue, it is worth investing in one of the best cast iron waffle makers. Unlike several other materials, cast iron does not thin with regular usage and over time. This essentially means that cast iron waffle makers generally last longer than the ones that are made from other materials.

5. Modern electric skillets are safe for dishwasher cleaning

Just like several other kitchen appliances, modern electric skillets are designed to be safe for dishwasher cleaning. Gone are the days when you had to disassemble the parts of the electric skillet in order to properly clean it. You can simply put the heating pan component of a modern electric skillet into the dishwasher to make the cleaning task quicker and more result-oriented.

To further make the cleaning task easier for the long run, you can go for an electric skillet that has a non-stick coating on the heating base. The non-stick coating helps you steer clear of stubborn grimes and the hassles involved in rigorously cleaning them.

6. Multipurpose waffle makers offer one of the best values

Waffle makers that help you do more than just prepare waffles are undoubtedly one of the best picks in terms of value. Multipurpose waffle makers that help you prepare other items such as Paninis and sandwiches eliminates the need for you to buy several other appliances for your cooking requirements. Interestingly, multipurpose waffle makers come included with dedicated cooking settings for other types of recipes that you can prepare with the appliance.

7. Carbon steel and iron electric skillets are the best in terms of efficiency

When it comes to achieving a higher level of efficiency in terms of cooking speed and energy consumption, carbon steel and iron electric skillets are some of the best choices. Electric skillets that have a high-grade iron heating base retain the cooking heat longer, making them one of the top iron skillets to buy.

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