7 Causes Of Car Accidents In Atlanta. A 5 Minute Read!

An automotive accident can result in a variety of unpleasant consequences. It includes lost wages, pain,  suffering, and lifetime disability. Creating awareness about these hazards can teach individuals to be more cautious on the road. Car accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. Some, however, happen more commonly than others. If someone has been injured in an automobile accident, it is critical to determine what caused the event. As a result, this awareness can be used to maximize compensation. Each sort of car collision is unique and necessitates a unique inquiry!

Car accidents are far too common in Atlanta. Understanding the reason for an auto crash is critical in identifying who was to blame. Many mishaps are the result of multiple causes. As a result, it is feasible that multiple people and companies are involved in the lawsuit. A comprehensive investigation can assist in determining who to claim and determining guilt. Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer thoroughly investigates the accident to establish the exact reason for the collision. When investigating the car accident, the lawyer may discover many parties who share responsibility for the accident. It is essential to file a suit and receive the compensation one is entitled to!

Car Accident Reasons

A few of the most common causes of car wrecks in Atlanta are as follows.

Accidents Caused By Shifting Lanes

Unexpected or inappropriate lane changes frequently cause injuries in Atlanta. These collisions frequently happen on the highway, especially at high speeds. Moreover, because they are so abrupt, the unsuspecting driver frequently has almost no chance to take any protective measures before being hit. In adding to these lane changes, claims of basic carelessness can be utilized to claim damages from an at-fault driver for illegal lane changes.

Driving While Distracted

Mobile phone use behind the wheel is the most common type of dangerous driving. Drivers can also become diverted while driving by using navigation or music, eating meals, or clashing with companions. Trying to multitask while driving affects the response time and attention. Because the brain changes between things, it is difficult to concentrate on what is ahead.

Drinking and Driving

Mistakes happen, and some of those missteps can result in life-threatening accidents. Everyone who takes alcohol before getting into a car can anticipate diminished attentiveness and weakened visual and cognitive ability. It is essential to consider that even if a driver is not penalized, one may still hold them accountable for the damages. Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer is well-versed in dealing with such issues. They use a far higher level of proof and hold the wrongdoer liable.


Cars might lose traction on the road if the road becomes very slippery. They slide across the roadways, reducing vehicle control and increasing the likelihood of a hazardous event. Rain-related traveling hazards are frequently worsened by inadequate vehicle maintenance. For example, tires don’t give enough traction or aren’t appropriately filled on wet surfaces. An unskilled driver may panic in rainy conditions, causing the vehicle to lose control. During inclement weather, it’s critical to stay attentive and conscious of roadways, speed restrictions, and traffic.

Incorrect Turns

One of the most typical pre-crash events is a wrong turn. These incidents often happen near crossroads, although they can also occur if entering a lane of oncoming traffic. However, when vehicles fail to employ signal lights or drive in inclement weather, the probability of an incorrect turn accident increases.

Road Hazards

Poorly maintained roadways raise the chances of a tire blowout and limit a driver’s ability to stop efficiently. Drivers depend on workers or other drivers to warn them of potential hazards. Those in charge of maintaining the roads clean must keep risks from coming out of nowhere.

Auto Errors

If a car possesses a flaw or faulty equipment, it may malfunction and lead to accidents. In this instance, the maker and other companies in the vehicle distribution network may be held accountable. A victim may file a claim for damages lawsuit against them, which incorporates features not seen in a typical vehicle accident case. If someone is harmed in a car accident, contact an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer. These expert specialists can help folks get the compensation they deserve.

Last Thoughts

An automobile collision can have a wide range of harmful outcomes. Someone’s safety could be jeopardized if they drive recklessly. The most frequent cause of car accidents includes sudden lane changes, inattentive and drunk driving, poor sleep, rain, road hazards, and auto mistakes. Car accidents may be both emotionally and financially exhausting. On the other hand, an automobile accident lawyer can assist in compensating for personal and emotional injuries. If anyone requires legal assistance, please call 404-948-3311 for a free consultation!

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