6 Advantages Of OEM Titanium Parts in Medical Devices

The list of benefits of titanium metal is very long. Titanium parts are extremely useful for various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and architecture. But because it is corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly, and has the inherent ability to act as a joint for human bone, it is considered one of the main fields of medicine.

The reasons for choosing OEM Titanium Parts for medical use are a combination of the most desirable properties, including corrosion safety, biocompatibility, strength, modulus, and low density, and the ability to attach to bone and other tissues (bone grafts). The combination of mechanical and physical properties of titanium alloys prepares them for highly vulnerable therapeutic needs. If you need the best medical devices you can prefer the Ti-TEK now.

In the continuation of this article, beneficial information about the use of titanium in the medical industry has been collected by SOZN experts. Reading this article is recommended for people who want to get information about this lucrative industry.

1. Lightweight

One of the constant concerns of medical equipment manufacturers has been the weight loss of surgical instruments, equipment, and implants. Titanium, while very strong, weighs little. This metal is lighter and stronger than steel and returns to its original state after bending. OEM titanium parts used in the medical industry are much lighter than similar steel tools and retain their strength even after cyclic loading.

2. Non-ferromagnetic

Another advantage of OEM titanium parts for use in the medical sciences is their non-ferromagnetic properties, which allow patients with titanium implants to be safely tested with MRIs and NMR.

3. Non-toxic

OEM titanium part is a non-toxic substance and is not considered toxic even in large quantities. Also, this substance does not play any role in the natural system of the human body. An estimated 0.8 mg of titanium enters the human body daily. However, it is excreted from the body almost without being absorbed.

Titanium is a non-allergenic metal that is biocompatible. This point means that the immune system does not consider it an external invader and therefore will not attack it. Titanium has been used successfully for many years, not only for dental implants but also for bone, arm, back, etc., and bone replacement.

4. Process-tolerant

Another advantage of using OEM titanium parts in medical equipment is that these parts can be more resistant to different factors than similar metals. During handling, shaping, and assembly, medical components may be exposed to various environmental factors. Also, when disinfecting equipment or using medical equipment in the body, it exposes them to multiple liquids that must be resisted.

5. Corrosion resistance

Titanium is the most biological metal due to its resistance to corrosion of body fluids. Titanium belongs to a group of corrosion-resistant alloys that show high resistance to corrosion by creating protective layers composed of titanium dioxide, which makes it very difficult for water and chemicals to penetrate.

6. High strength and durability OEM Titanium

Titanium is extremely durable and stable. When titanium cages, rods, coatings, and pins enter the human body, they can last up to 20 years. Dental custom titanium parts such as implants and titanium posts can last longer.

The ability of the metal to bond physically to bone also enhances the superiority of OEM titanium parts over other materials. Titanium alloys are more durable in the body than other similar options. Titanium alloys commonly used in load-bearing implants are stiffer than human bone than stainless steel or cobalt alloys.

At SOZN, the most critical value is to provide solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Therefore, the company can manufacture OEM titanium parts for medical devices according to customer needs. The company has been operating in the field of titanium equipment production for almost 12 years with valid certificates in product quality assurance. Also, having an experienced team in research and development, this company can produce customer-specific products of high quality. Still hesitant? Communicating with this company is the first step to having a reliable titanium partner.

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