5 Ways to Treat Your Dog to the Best Things in Life

5 Ways to Treat Your Dog to the Best Things in Life

Dogs have long been part of the family. However, nowadays, many people treat their pets like their fur babies. People jokingly refer to their pets as their kids. And even people with kids call their children’s pets their granddogs. Some aren’t joking about calling their pets their kids either. Many individuals have their pets as their constant companions and adventure buddies.

If your dog is an honored member of the household, you might be looking for ways to give them a good life. You want to care for your dog the best you can — and maybe spoil them every once in a while. Keep reading to learn ways to treat your dog to the best things in life. 

1. Delectable Meals

If you’re looking to treat someone you love to the finer things in life, what is one area you focus on? Fine dining and delicious meals at home likely come to mind. Why not treat your dog to these as well? Many people enjoy meal kits and food delivery services. And, luckily, these options aren’t just for humans anymore. 

You can get the best fresh dog food delivered right to your door! You never quite know the ingredients in the processed foods at the store. Going with fresh dog food allows you to know the ingredients your furry friend receives. It’s also nutrient-rich with extra vitamins and minerals. This helps with more than just taste, as nutrition is important for coat health, combating bad breath, and a healthy gut. 

While you will spend a little more than the cheapest bag of kiddles, the quality is worth the investment. Your pup is worth it, and this is a great way to show them you care. The health benefits are a huge value that should contribute to a long, healthy life.

2. Doggy Daycare

Socializing is important for your pet. It lets them get their energy out and play with other canine friends. Think of it like a playdate for human children. Instead of being just with adults at home, they get to run and use their imagination with their peers. For your pet, it can help with separation anxiety by giving them other humans and dogs to be with while you’re away.

This could be a great option if you have to go into the office every day. Even if you only go in a few times a week or work from home, it can be good. The cost can add up, but even one or two days a week will bring enrichment to your dog’s life. You’ll know your dog is safe and with humans who are pet lovers too. If you try this option, try to keep your pet on a doggy daycare schedule because dogs thrive on consistency.

3. Relaxing Spa Day

When you think of treating yourself, spa days probably come to mind. Massages, hair cuts, skin treatments, nail trims, and teeth brushing are just a few treatments your furry friend can try. Your dog will feel like a queen (or king) getting a little attention at the spa. Like daycare, plan a spa day for a time when you need a little space for you. That way you know they are getting cared for while you are doing your errands.

Start taking your pet to the spa or to the groomers at a young age, so they know what to expect. The sounds of clippers and blow dryers can be overwhelming for sensitive ears, but especially if it’s a new experience. If your furry companion came into your life as an adult, try to introduce these treatments slowly and consistently. As with daycare, if they know the drill, it will go better. And like your own salon, you might have to shop around until you find the one that works best. If you’re wanting to be budget-friendly, you can do at-home spa days too. 

4. Cozy Beds

Dog beds have gotten quite elaborate and cozy these days. Snoopy’s little red dog house has nothing on these spoiled inside dogs. From floating hammock beds to memory foam pads, there are many options for your dog. A nice bed is important for your dog’s health for a variety of reasons. As dogs age, comfortable or even orthopedic beds can help alleviate joint pain. 

Creating a space for your dog to get away and relax can be beneficial to their health and demeanor too. If you have small kids or have guests frequently, this can be a safe space for your dog. It allows them to retreat when they feel overwhelmed or are just tired. You could put their bed near the couch or place a kennel in your room. Some people have even made a little dog palace in the space under their stairwell.

5. Lots of Play

All dogs need play and exercise. However, different breeds and ages require more activity than others. When you’re adding a furry friend to the family, take that into consideration. It’s easier to adopt a breed that fits your family’s current style than to try to change yourself. If you’re a grad student always in class, for example, you might want a lower-energy dog like a pug or basset hound. If you’re an active outdoorsy type, a terrier or cattle dog might be a better match.

There are lots of ways you can play and exercise your dog. Long evening or morning walks can be good. If you have a fenced yard, off-leash fetch is great. Taking your pet to the dog park is a great way to get out energy and play with other dogs too. Sensory play can also be a fun option, whether that’s trying dog treat puzzles or playing in water.

There’s Nothing Wrong With a Little Pampering

Self-care is important for humans, and it can benefit your pet as well. There’s nothing wrong with treating your fur baby to a little pampering. Some of these tips can actually be mutually beneficial to both you and your dog. For example, getting exercise for your dog gets you out and moving too. 

When trying to treat your dog to the best, think about what makes you feel good. Moving often, eating well, and getting a good night’s sleep are the foundation for a healthy life. And that’s true for you and your pet. With a little creativity and planning, you can treat your dog to the best things in life. There’s nothing like seeing your dog happy and watching that tail wag.

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