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5 Mobile Grammar Apps That Will Help Improve English

Technology has changed the lifestyle of almost all of us. Things that we never imagined have become a reality. After the Pandemic, one thing is crystal clear, and if it weren’t for technology, the world would not have survived these last two years. Thanks to online portals, children can get an education while sitting at home safe and sound. Similarly, many people have used English grammar tools to learn the language.

English grammar tools help writers and editors improve their writing, but they also help foreigners and children at school learn English grammar. If you search online, you can find a dozen of such tools and software. But which one will you choose? It all depends on your requirements.

Choosing a proofreading app is quite a hectic job. But many magazine sites have provided detailed and unbiased online grammar checker reviews after having them tested by the experts. You can always read these helpful reviews before making the purchase.

Many people prefer English grammar apps that can work well on Mobile and Smart devices. The best grammar applications for iPhone and Android are social, which will be enough to get you through all of the concepts, objects, and dangling modifiers.

Let’s look at the list of the top 5 best mobile grammar apps to make our writing impressive and error-free.

Top 5 Best Mobile Grammar Apps

The apps listed below are handpicked after testing their features and uses. All of these grammar checking tools offer Android and iOS apps for its users.

LearnEnglish Grammar

One of the best ways to study English is the British Council. And if you already know English, their grammar software will help you improve your writing level. The best-rated learning app guides you through 25 grammar subjects, 600 immersive games, and thousands of fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice, and word-matching questions.

Since British and American English have slightly different pronunciations, spellings, and use, there are two app variants. You can choose any and download them on your mobile.

English Grammar in Use

The app is based on Raymond Murphy’s best-selling grammar book of the same name. The user interface is basic and often clumsy. However, this does not detract from the content.

Grammar explanations and exercises are grouped into 145 units. The free edition has fewer subjects, but it comes with a guide to past and present tenses, interactive lessons, a glossary, and a Study Guide to help you get started.

When you advance through the units, the price increases incrementally. It may seem costly, but the prestige of the brand behind it may make it worthwhile.

Cambridge University Press develops the app, and recently they have launched the 5th edition available to download.

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge

The British Council has a range of applications that will help you develop your English language skills. Johnny Grammar Word Challenge is a free and exciting game. The 60-second quizzes will determine your conversational English by checking on basic vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar level. After completing the test, you will get suggestions if you should consider taking intermediate classes or beginner-level classes for the English language.

The quizzes include 12 grammar topics (such as prepositions, irregular verbs, and conjunctions) and usages of food and restaurants, travel, small talk, hobbies, and other areas. It’s an excellent pedagogical platform that keeps you inspired with global leaderboards and badges.

The app is highly recommended to add a part of the curriculum for 3rd to 8th standard schools. Not only the gamification nature will keep students engaged, but it also provides them a good insight into what they lack in English grammar.

English Grammar Book

The English Grammar Book is a concise app for those who aren’t interested in gamification. But don’t let this detract from its usefulness. It gives straightforward descriptions for subjects that may be puzzling.

This app covers every aspect of English grammar, from active and passive voice to homophones, idioms, and verbs. Several illustrations are given to back up each explanation.

Answer the topics and perform the exercises. You can track and assess success for the improvements. The app is sponsored by ads that can be disabled with a small purchase.

Some career aptitude exams can require you to demonstrate your English proficiency, so this app can help you train.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a popular grammar and word-jumble game. Books and applications are at the core of the game. One player invites the other to include a list of words in a story to replace the blanks. Various tips challenge you to put parts of speech in a sentence.

With this app, two students, siblings, or even elders can compete with each other to see who has a better command of English grammar and vocabulary.

Nothing prevents you from making your own rules and producing wacky words. The game is simple and can be played by anyone of any age. It’s interesting for everyone and an educational exercise for kids. A teacher’s guide can also be found on the website to get it into the classroom. It is one of the most entertaining apps to learn English and play the word-jumble game simultaneously.


It is one thing to download the appropriate app, and the other thing is to focus on it every day. One way to do this is to read something new and then use it the same day in a conversation or writing piece. By practicing this exercise, you can not only improve your writing skills, but you can also make your speaking power more fluent.

English is a basic language to understand, but it requires a lot of time to become fluent. You may have noted that neither the Ginger grammar checker nor Grammarly has been listed. Not listing those apps here is because we want the apps that can be mutually beneficial for both elders and kids.

Plus, apps like Grammarly and Ginger provide you an opportunity to improve your writing by tracking errors and suggesting improvements. But the apps listed above make you learn basic, elementary, and intermediate level English with a profound increase in your vocabulary. 

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