5 Materials Vastly Used in Construction

Construction has by far been a part of us since ancient history; it has since evolved into bigger and better. This is mainly because of improvement and enhancement in the use of materials. This article explores a variety of materials used in the construction world. Read on for everything worth knowing about marine boards and related construction materials. 

Among the fastest-growing industries in Kenya is construction. This is especially because of the increase in urbanization and the need to embrace change. As far as construction materials are concerned, there are readily available local materials that play a crucial part in enhancing tradition and originality.

Below are a few of the major construction materials commonly used:


Concrete is popular for its beneficial attributes, including durability and versatility. It can be utilized in various applications, including driveways, roads, buildings, highways, and more. It is composed of fine and coarse aggregates bound together by a liquid binder. It contributes to the aesthetic elements of a building as it can be poured and to make a form of the required shape and size. Its strength increases with time as it can form bonds with the moisture particles.


Wood has been used as a construction material since ancient history. This is especially because of the variety in type due to the many types of trees available. The marine board is one of the most superior wooden materials used in construction; it is quality plywood made up of tropical hardwoods without defects and joined using phenolic glue. Wood is also preferred because it is a natural, readily available resource.


If you survey around the area you are in now; the building is probably brick. Masonry construction mainly consists of single units bound together by mortar. There are brick-making machines invented for use on the site; this significantly cuts transport costs and enhances convenience. One of the advantages of using masonry is that it is fire-resistant and durable. However, the longevity of a masonry unit depends on the artistry and mortar quality used.


Steel is a very strong construction material that is mostly used in the structural framework of most high-rise buildings. Steel, when in its stainless form, is corrosion and oxidation resistant. In terms of installation, it is compatible with any environment and time-saving compared to concrete. Important to note that poor maintenance or improper installation may lead to steel corrosion.


Stone especially is a widespread construction material because of its affordability and availability. There are various stone types available depending on the use and aesthetics. Stone is heavy and dense to work with, especially regarding portability around the site area. Stone is mostly obtained from the quarrying process.


Many construction materials are available as technology improves and as the need to go green and conserve the environment is emphasized. However, the choice of material is dependent on use and availability; the most crucial factor is to cut costs without compromising the quality of output. For more, click here

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