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5 Key Challenges for Financial Translation Services

At present we are going through an unprecedented time because of Cov-19. Initially, it was easy to start a business in a foreign land but now due to covid-19, the criteria to start a business in different countries have changed. They have to undergo many legal and financial obligations. To understand these obligations, the entrepreneur needs to communicate in their language. Here comes the need for translation services. Each country in the world uses its official language to run its financial systems. For example, in France, all financial services are provided in the French language. Do you want to start your business in France, but you are from English speaking country? Here the question is how to remove the communication barrier. You can only invest properly in a foreign country when you are aware of their language. Here French translation services will assist you in making a rational financial decision. 

Financial translation is different from other kinds of translations and it’s more challenging. Here are a few of the major challenges that financial translation services often face.

Use of Correct Terminology

The most challenging part of financial translation is the use of financial terminologies. People speak different languages in different countries. Therefore, financial terminologies used in different countries also vary. For example, the people of the US use the word accounts receivable while the people living in New Zealand call it debtor. So, it is very important for a person that is providing translation services to be aware of the financial terminologies of each country. In the business world, any error in financial translation can change a company’s profit to losses. Moreover, the translator should also know that the financial terminologies of each sector are also different. Therefore, the translator should be a subject-matter-expert of its field.

Understanding the Rules and Regulations

If you want to open a subsidiary of your company in a foreign land then you have to follow the rules and regulations of the country in which you want to operate. For example, if you want the company’s subsidiary to be opened in France then you have to comply with all the regulatory rules of France. Moreover, all the financial documents have to be translated by expert financial translators so that you don’t face any problem in operating your business in a foreign land. Get aware of the financial industry of France. Bitcoin trade is allowed in France and it is supported by the government. Therefore, you can easily invest in the bitcoin industry while taking the assistance of translation services.


Maintaining privacy in financial translation is very challenging. Here the challenge comes when you need to give your financial documents to an external translation company. So, to avoid this challenge, you have to rely on the language service provider that keeps your data confidential. Many translation companies have signed non-disclosure agreements to protect client’s data. There is more risk associated with financial translation because if your competitors will get this data then they can make timely financial decisions before you and your survival will become at stake. Some translation companies are using translation memories so that they can protect the financial data from external sources and they don’t have to translate the data again and again. To address this challenge, many translation companies assured their clients that financial data will not be mistranslated, leaked, and tampered with. Because of this reason, the translation companies give the financial translation project to professional, responsible, and trustworthy translators that can handle data with care.

Understanding Numbers

Another challenge in financial translation service is understanding the numbering system. Many people assume that English is a universal language for numbers but they are wrong. The numbering system around the world is also different. The Japanese and Chinese numbering systems are different. Moreover, the translators should not only translate numbers into words but should also know how to interpret them. For example, punctuation changes the number altogether. For example, 1,500 is written as one thousand and five hundred in English-speaking countries; however, in European countries, people read commas as 1.2. The translator needs to know about the numbering system because any minute error in financial translation can change the entire financial report.

Turnaround Time

The financial world is very fast. Therefore, financial translation at a fast turnaround is required to make timely financial decisions before competitors. Statements, reports, and stock rates keep on changing and they want financial translation on due timeline. To keep with the fast-paced globalized world, businesses require financial translation before time. Therefore, companies should hire a translation company that has a prior record of providing seamless financial translation services within a strict deadline. As financial numbers keep on changing so to keep up with changing financial requirements, translation services in fast turnaround time is very important.

Wrapping Up

Financial translations can be tricky and the best solution to get accurate results is to hire a reliable, industry-specific language partner.  Choose a translation company that is aware of these challenges and knows to tackle them. You may visit Languex if you are in need of canadian french translator or in other languages.  

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