5 Best APKs for Streaming Movies and TV Shows for Free

If you are an android user and you wish to have access to some applications for streaming your favourite movies and shows, you are in luck. A huge population of the world is now using android based operating systems and they prefer to watch movies on their mobile devices.

This makes it extremely necessary to have some free video streaming APKs at your disposal. A good application will be small in size, have many features, and will give you a great UI. In this article, we will take you through some of these apps to help you make a better decision for yourself.

Let’s take a look at some of these great apps one by one.

  1. Kodi

This APK is great since it offers a huge collection of movies and shows totally free. The app is available on google play and has a user rating of 4 and over 10 million downloads. This shows clearly how much famous it is among android users.

The app comes with very few ads and offers a smooth streaming experience with the least number of unwanted interruptions. Install this app right now and take advantage of its great streaming service for free.

  1. Nova TV

This is a relatively new app but by no means a bad one. It can work with devices other than mobiles including Fire TV, Android TV Boxes, etc. It has over a million downloads and a google rating of 3.7.

Nova TV has a great UI and the app’s core program is updated on a regular basis to remove any bugs. You can also use various add-ons to enjoy additional features if you want. 

This free app is great if you want to have access to the latest show from all over the world as soon as they are released.

  1. Viva TV

The great thing about Viva TV is that it allows you to watch very high-quality content just like Movies da. You can watch 1080p and even 4K resolution content with this APK.

This app has received great reviews from users across the globe for its amazing UI and quick search features that allow you to stream your content with ease. The number of shows and variety of genres it offers you is literally unmatched by most free apps.

The APK is constantly being improved to get rid of all the shortcomings to provide its users with a fulfilling streaming time. Install this free app today to enjoy the best streaming experience ever.

  1. Film Plus

The film pays extra attention to the user interface and gives you the most convenient streaming experience that you could ever ask for. The app is great when it comes to user security despite being totally free. There are very few ads that make your streaming even better.

Film plus has a great deal of streaming features. You can choose from various links; the video result can be adjusted, and the auto-completion search feature helps you to find what you are looking for instantly.

You can find similar APKs for movies online on various torrent websites. These websites offer a lot of useful APKs and fitgirl repack games that you can download for free.  

  1. Sony Crackle

This is another great app that gives you access to thousands of films, web series, documentaries, reality shows, and much more. Sony Crackle hosts the latest movies as well as content from the olden times.

You might face some ads while streaming but that is nothing compared to its numerous cool features. You don’t need to get registered with the app or even log in to view its content which saves your time.

This APK takes very little of your storage space while keeping the performance absolute best. Try out this app for an amazing and stress-free streaming experience.

Final Words 

With the help of any one of these apps, you can make your streaming experience worth your while. All the above-discussed APKs have every essential feature to aid your streaming and make it great.

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So, stop searching randomly for apps to install on your devices for streaming and pick out any one of these and start having fun instantly.

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