4 Reasons Why You Need Sun Gloves

Sun gloves have become a popular trend for those who frequently go outside in the sun. Rather than just being a short-lived fashion trend, sun gloves have become a necessity as they give the wearer UV protection. Sun gloves mainly protect the back of your hand, and they may come in different designs. Fingerless and palmless gloves are some of the variations in design, but all authentic sun gloves do the same job.

The most common sun gloves recently are fingerless and palmless gloves. They are lighter and offer more cooling than most traditional full finger gloves. These modifications are more popular as they give the wearer more feel and control over their hands. Another alteration to the full finger gloves is full sleeve gloves which also covers the forearms.


Although unnoticeable at first, your hands and forearms are the most exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Reddening and slight itching are the common outcomes of extended exposure of the hands to the sun. It might seem like these are merely inconveniences, but the opposite is true. Damage to the skin is cumulative, and most of the time, you will notice the results when it is too late.

Sun gloves, like all sun protection clothing, offer significant protection for the skin. Most of these are rated with UPF 50+, which is sufficient to block UV rays. Authentic sun gloves are rated by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, so you can be assured that they perform their task. In addition, these gloves can also protect from the elements such as dust and sand, which may cause allergies to some.


Before sun gloves were popular, most people were forced to use sunblock. Sunblock also offers protection but is easily sloughed off from the skin from doing physical work. Most sunblock also comes in cumbersome plastic bottles that are hard to bring with you all the time. On the other hand, sun gloves take up very little space – when you are not wearing them, they easily fit inside your pocket, bag, or car compartment.


With good taste, you can turn your sun gloves into accents to your outfit of the day. Sun gloves come in a variety of colours and designs, and you might even have a hard time choosing. These versatile gloves can be matched with virtually any style and fashion trend.


Purchasing a pair of sun gloves might sound trivial at first, but they are, in fact, sound investments. A bottle of sunblock will typically last you a month, but a pair of sun gloves can last for a lifetime. It takes a significant amount of time for the fabric to degrade, and the only thing you will have to avoid is tearing it. In the long run, sun gloves can help you avoid expensive skin treatment in the future.

While full finger, full sleeve, fingerless, and palmless gloves offer substantial protection for your hands, it is still best to avoid long exposure under the sun. UV radiation from the sun has increased over the years at an alarming rate and has become more harmful. If staying indoors is not an option for you, always make sure that you are properly fitted with the necessary sun protection.

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