18 Easy yet Creative Birthday card ideas to make a mark!

18 Easy Yet Creative Birthday Card Ideas To Make A Mark

We all love sending Birthday cards to our friends, families, and closed ones. When someone dear to us has a birthday ahead, we ought to let them know that they are front and center in our minds by gifting them something unique. No, we are not talking about giving the physical – shop-bought cards here – because that trend is way too outdated! Also, we are not considering making handmade cards – because it consumes a lot of time, energy, and money.

So, what’s a mid-way solution? Making Birthday Cards Templates online. With the pre-designed and customizable templates available on PhotoADKing, you will be able to make amazing birthday cards with great ease. PhotoADKing’s online birthday greeting card maker provides a variety of options to choose from. You can pick up a template and personalize it according to the bond you share or their unique personality. 

In a mere few minutes, you can create a Greeting Card Templates that only gets noticed, but also gets appreciated by the people. Play freely with colors, text, images, and more so that your greeting card feels like it came straight from the heart!

There are only 4 steps in which you can make a birthday card using PhotoADKing:

  1. Pick up a template:

Go to the dashboard and search for Birthday Invitation Templates. You will get hundreds of options and templates to choose from.

  1. Edit the images:

Personalize the template by using the images of your choice. Select from a wide range of photos available or upload your own.

  1. Insert messages:

Write your heart out! Change the font styles and sizes according to your preference.

  1. Share:

Download the design after giving it final touches. Share it on social media or get a print for handing it over!

Whether you want to wish someone or want to send them an invite, we are jotting down the best 

18 designs that you can use to make a creative birthday card for the ones you love.

  1. The classic collage:

Pick up your favorite pictures of the birthday star and combine them with personalized messages or quotes to create a beautiful collage using this template. What sets this birthday template apart from a normal collage is that you can choose the fonts and text styles according to your choice!

  1. Simple and subtle:

Want to send a birthday wish without getting much fancy? Instead of sending the message in text, use this template to give your wish a subtle background and make it light up a bit more.

  1. Little hearts:

When you do not want to send any illustrated message or insert any pictures in your card but still want to send something cute and eye-appealing, opt for this birthday card template and simply insert the name of the person whom you desire to wish.

  1. Get a bit sarcastic:

Wishing a birthday to your best friend often consists of a sarcastic tone. This fun birthday template can be used to insert a fun message describing your bond (and also to subtly ask for a party!) 

  1. For your better half:

How about an adorable heart illustration with the picture of you and your beloved, along with a birthday text? This birthday card idea will surely put a smile on your face.

  1. For wishing your boss:

Wishing a birthday to your boss is always a bit difficult as it is expected to be formal and occasional at the same time. Craft a beautiful message in the form of a greeting card, print it, wrap it in an envelope, and wish your boss in a unique way.

  1. The glittery combo:

Take your text wishes to a level higher by using this birthday greeting card design having ample space to write long wishes, Headline text, the backdrop of glitter balloon graphics, and a striped frame.

8.  Pretty pastel collage:

This template is perfect for the girl who loves pastel colors. With mini polaroid frames, it will easily attract everyone’s eyes.

 9.  For wishing the party animal:

For the person who always prefers to party like a pro, the birthday greeting should also resemble the same. Add a lively photo in the frame and you are good to go!

10. The funky design:

This cool illustration is a complete card in itself – adjust the fonts or change they like the way you want, or simply download and send if you are not in a mood to be creative!

11. For the little one’s birthday:

Wishing toddlers by sending greetings to their parents is also a new thing among people. Combine images, graphics, change colors and text and use the design to share on social media or on sticking above a gift!

12. When you get a bit late to wish:

Many times, we forget to wish people and realize it a bit late. Covering it up with a pleasing birthday greeting card can be the best idea!

Some templates for sending invites:

13. For surprise birthday party:

When you are planning a surprise birthday party, sending invites to people informing the same is quite essential. Compose an invite card with the details of A party place and timings with this customizable template.

14. For a birthday sleepover:

Birthday sleepovers are definitely special and so they require special invitation cards too. Insert a group picture for a more personal touch and let people know about the fun that awaits!

15. The multi-image invitation:

Using this template, you can add pictures of the people to whom you are sending the invites along with the birthday girl/boy’s photos. What’s better than to make them feel like a special part of the party?

16. For theme birthday parties:

Theme based parties call out for theme-based invites. Choose from hundreds of graphics available to make your invitations match the theme of the party that you are throwing. 

17. An adorable RSVP:

Party planning is done. Invitations sent. Now send out an RSVP to know exactly how many people are going to attend your party so that you can make preparations accordingly. Use this template just by changing the name and deets.

18. The welcome banner:

Design an amazing welcome banner, print and stick it to your entrance gate or hang it in the front. You can also print it on a flex banner and keep it on an easel stand to make it look more pleasing.

With PhotoADKing’s online birthday card maker and Invitation Maker, there is no limit to unleash your creativity. So choose a template right away and customize it as much – or as little as you like!  

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