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13 Ways Malayalam Keyboard Can Increase your productivity

The Malayalam language is spoken by around 34 million people globally. It is one of India’s 22 scheduled languages, with 2.88% of the population speaking it.

 Many of the younger generation, as well as persons from non-Malayalam backgrounds, wish to study Malayalam not only as a hobby but also to improve their communication skills in order to benefit their work. People nowadays desire to investigate everything they can to help them in their work.

People are occasionally posted to Malayalam-speaking states where they struggle to understand and converse.

Individuals, on the other hand, find it much more difficult to write Malayalam than to speak it, which reduces their productivity at work and makes it highly time-consuming.

 To assist you in having a conversation that is both uninterrupted and of good quality. Bharat’s Manglish Keyboard App is the most popular Malayalam typing solution. You can easily get it to download the Malayalam keyboard from the play store.

Here, below are the 13 ways the Malayalam keyboard of Bharat’s can increase your productivity and quality of your conversation.

  • If you know how to type Malayalam and can write Malayalam, you can type directly on this keyboard; however, if you are a novice who wants to learn Malayalam and is not confident in typing Malayalam, you can utilize the Malayalam Keyboard App’s English to Malayalam translation tool. Where you can speak in English, and it will be translated and will come in Malayalam.
  • When you’re multitasking, typing takes a long time, so use the speech-to-text feature to have whatever you say typed for you. It will definitely be going to increase your productivity and having effective communication that will be really beneficial.
  • Bharat’s Manglish Keyboard App contains around 30 different fonts and styles that can be used to make your conversation more attractive and engaging.
  • If you want to change the appearance of your keyboard, this program has a solution for you. You may change the appearance of your keyboard by using a customizable theme from the Theme library or by developing a custom theme. There are also live themes, and as an added bonus, when users use the IPL themes, they will receive live IPL updates on their keyboard isn’t that sound amazing?
  • This app is absolutely safe to use and entirely dependable when it comes to the customer’s privacy and security. As a result, Malayalam Keyboard has been downloaded by over one million individuals all over the world.
  • This App has a user-friendly interface, making it extremely simple to use, as seen by the download numbers, which show how useful it is in making people’s lives easier and more productive.
  • Stickers in a regional language can help you have a more lively conversation with someone. As a result, the Malayalam keyboard includes its own set of Malayalam stickers. Everyone in the conversation is using stickers to make the conversation more dynamic.
  • Bharat Manglish Keyboard App includes a unique Glide typing feature that allows you to type without lifting your finger and receive the desired output.
  • It not only has stickers, but it also hasBigMoji sets that are one-of-a-kind. BigMoji is a new feature that offers emojis depending on the content that users input. By long-pressing emojis on BigMoji, users can send them as stickers.
  • It has features of artificial intelligence in which the keyboard suggests emojis depending on your writing, so you don’t have to waste time looking for a suitable emoji. You can even utilize your selfies to personalize emotions.
  • It is very smooth and efficient to type in the Malayalam keyboard because it does not buffer or hang.
  • You can express yourself in a unique way and connect with your loved ones by conversing in your native tongue. This will add more emotions to your interaction.
  • If you are concerned that this App would charge you because it has so many features, you should know that this is not the case; it is available for free download all over the world, making it the app of choice for everyone.

Now, don’t hesitate to download this software on your device and enjoy it to the fullest by enhancing your productivity.

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